This program cannot be purchased through Amazon. Do not confuse this with the Rodney Yee program. The program is available as a physical collection on DVD and for download in digital format directly from their website after logging in. Unfortunately, there is no option to save on shipping by purchasing the downloadable copy only (without the DVDs) – both forms come in a package.
Gaining instant access to the videos means that as soon as you make up your mind to do this, you can get started and see results as quickly as within a few days. Finally, the program is subject to the special 60 day moneyback guarantee from Clickbank, which means you have some time to evaluate the effectiveness and see how the program works for you. If you are not entirely satisfied with its results, you can request your money back with no questions asked.
This program is fantastic if you combine it with a healthy diet and some routine cardio exercise. I've noticed improved flexibility and muscle definition after only 1 month of Yoga Burn. However, I do not believe that this program alone would bring me to my goals - your body is a lot more complicated than that and you need to work harder by changing your entire lifestyle.
Specifically designed for women, this program is a concise and informative collation of the all relevant information to help you achieve the best you can from your workout regime. Created by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, this program can help women from any walk of life to completely change their bodies. Focusing primarily on helping people to get the most out of yoga, Zoe’s dynamic sequencing strategy is what sets her Yoga Burn apart from other programs on the market.
As well as the core videos to perfect your yoga poses, you will gain access to an MP3 version of the information. This means you can simply download to your favourite listening device and access the guide anywhere: on the beach, whilst you commute or even as you’re on your coffee break. Designed to help you master the moves wherever you are, this is a valuable addition to the rest of the program.

”This is my third Yoga program and I found it very beneficial, especially with the extras you can buy for it. The only thing I would've liked to come with it are some meditative music tracks. If you watch the videos while doing the exercise, you don't need music, since Zoe is talking, but once you know the routines, it would be cool to just have some music running. Like most people, I fix that with Youtube; there are hours and hours of Yoga music, so it's no biggie.”