Okay I'm only in week 1 of yoga burn. I want to say the number one complaint I have this far is that they advertise that beginners can do this with ease. That is absolutely not true. However with that being said, if you learn to modify some of the positions and use yoga blocks you'll be okay. I highly recommend you watch the routine first - that way you can anticipate and know what to do as Zoe is not good at explaining for beginners to understand. I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt and keep doing it for the next 4 weeks. I will give another review then.
There are no magic systems or supplements that can get you to lose weight. A lean and healthy figure is all about eating real food and doing exercise. It really is that simple: the only issue is that people want to get to the goal without work. What do Hollywood actors do when they need to lose weight for a new role? Simple, they eat properly and go to the gym. That’s it! Yoga is a type of exercise that many people enjoy more than pure workout, so even if you don’t like exercise, it is a way to start liking it!