As well as the core videos to perfect your yoga poses, you will gain access to an MP3 version of the information. This means you can simply download to your favourite listening device and access the guide anywhere: on the beach, whilst you commute or even as you’re on your coffee break. Designed to help you master the moves wherever you are, this is a valuable addition to the rest of the program.
This program is fantastic if you combine it with a healthy diet and some routine cardio exercise. I've noticed improved flexibility and muscle definition after only 1 month of Yoga Burn. However, I do not believe that this program alone would bring me to my goals - your body is a lot more complicated than that and you need to work harder by changing your entire lifestyle.
The Yoga Burn system makes it easy to start a yoga practice and get in the habit of doing it every day – even if you have no experience with yoga. You will be able to start from whatever point you are comfortable with, learning the basic moves and then expanding on that knowledge. It is the keeper of the secrets to maximising your yoga sessions and getting the flexibility and strength you have desired, whilst improving concentration and breathing.

Yoga Burn comprises a set of easy to follow videos, which educate you to build upon the last poses and focus you on getting the results you want from a yoga program. As such there are exercises and sequences that you cannot access anywhere else available in this program. You will get a healthier, fitter and more flexible body as a result of following the program, and in addition you will gain access to the videos and information to provide you with a stress free guide to sculpting the perfect body you have always wanted, using yoga.
We believe that The Yoga Burn System is a great program for women who are looking for low-moderate intensity exercise to shape and tone their body and lose weight. The best decision about whether this is the right program for you can only be made by one person – YOU! Since it is a risk-free purchase, we suggest trying it for a few weeks and seeing how you feel.
Zoe is a sweet woman and both me (Sophia), Ellie and Monica felt that she wants the best for her students! Even if you have never done yoga, you can rest assured that you come out of this with solid understanding and the ability to do all exercises correctly. The videos are divided into 3 phases, including instructional videos that explain and demonstrate all of the yoga poses and sequences to turn you into a pro!